Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a pop-up event?

    A pop-up event is a short-term, temporary retail event.  

  2. Why are NicoNine shoes only sold through minimum order pop-up events?

    Like Kickstarter, I need a minimum amount of orders to kick-off the production run at my factory. Many small batch production facilities work in this manner (remember everything is made by hand). If I don't get enough orders then no shoes will be made and those that placed an order will be refunded.

  3. If the pop-up is successful, when will I get my shoes?

    Shoes will start shipping in March 2018. Shoes will be sent via USPS Priorty Mail with a tracking number.

  4. I can’t select a size during checkout, why?

    NicoNine shoes are made to order based on your unique foot measurements. Pretty cool, right? If the current sale is successful I will send you an email with detailed instructions on how to measure your feet. This helps me fit you into the best NicoNine size. Instructions will include measuring length, width and volume of each foot. 

  5. What shoe sizes does NicoNine accommodate?

    I offer half sizes 5-13 and AA, B and D widths.

  6. My feet are two different sizes, is that a problem?

    Not at all, this is why I started this business to begin with! Each foot's measurements will be used to put you in the best fitting shoe.

  7. What colors are being offered?

    You can order Midnight/Gunmetal or Onyx/Cognac. NicoNine designs are limited edition and, while the design of the shoe may be made available in the future, these color combos will not be produced again!
  8. How much is a pair of the booties?

    The price per pair is $239 before shipping.
  9. How much is shipping?

    Shipping costs will depend on your zip code. At checkout you can find out how much shipping will cost before submitting payment.

  10. Do you ship internationally?

    I currently ship within the continental US only.

  11. What forms of payment do you accept?

    I currently only accept payment via PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to order.

  12. Can I try on the shoes before I buy?

    All pairs are made to order and, at this time, I do not have any inventory. This may change in the future but, for now, I want to assure you that I will get you into the best fitting NicoNine shoes for your feet, once I get your measurements.

  13. Are there more styles to choose from?

Currently, there is only the Athena, an ankle bootie that was successfully funded on Kickstarter last year. More styles are in the works and will be released in a future pop-up event later this year.